About us


We are, first and foremost, a family. Alexandre was born in Biarritz, and Evgeniya is a real Siberian. We have two children: Adrian and Eva. Adrian speaks three languages, plays in the Biarritz rugby club and loves surfing. Eva is our favourite little unicorn who loves the ocean.

We are all absolutely in love with Biarritz. And our work is an endless ode to this magical place!❤️

We moved from Paris to Biarritz in 2012. Alexandre had always dreamed of one day returning to his beloved hometown, and the birth of our son Adrien speeded things up.
A former beach lifeguard in his youth, in Paris Alexandre worked for a long time in management positions at Pernod-Ricard, BCG and General Electric.
Evgeniya (who incidentally has a name similar to Eugénie – so symbolic and iconic for Biarritz because it is associated with this city’s history) has always had a passion for tourism and hotels and worked for a Parisian luxury hotel group as a project manager for hotel launches.

After we moved to Biarritz, we almost “accidentally” set up our family holiday agency for children in Biarritz.
Why by chance? Because we didn’t plan it in the beginning and were working on a completely different project. But by helping our many friends from different countries organise their holidays in Biarritz (because we lived here and knew everything there was to know), it had a snowball effect. We always made every effort to help them fall in love with Biarritz. We always showed the best, the concentration of this beautiful region and its little local secrets. And our friends were always delighted with their new experiences. For their joy, they recommended us to their own friends. And one day, the time came when we decided to do the job professionally.

Thus was born BiarritzInLove. A 100% local host agency welcomes foreign families in Biarritz and is always with a friendly and family-oriented approach. This welcomes and personally follows these families on-site, which offers them a great list of additional services, which organises leisure activities for children. It carefully and personally selects a collection of beautiful properties on the Basque coast.

Our greatest joy is maintaining a friendly bond with some of our guests’ families, as well as our homeowners through the years❤️


Whatever we do, the most important thing for us remains the same: to hear our guests say “that was the best holiday we ever had”. We will definitely be back! “

ESTABLISH A RELATIONSHIP OF TRUST. Our family has been a local trusted contact and personal holiday helper for nearly 10 years for dozens of families with children. We help these families make the right choice of villa, avoid disappointment on arrival, and organise fun activities for everyone in the family to make the holidays rich and unforgettable!
A family agency is just the opposite of a big platform or an online agency, where you have no-one to consult with when choosing a house, no-one to help you organise your stay and activities for your children, and where unexpected not so pleasant surprises can be expected upon arrival.
We are just like a family with children, and we love Biarritz and the ocean with all our hearts; we love hosting large families and seeing them leave with smiles on their faces.
We love the personal touch because our future guests feel confident from the start and can ask all their questions beforehand.
We are well aware that it is not easy to buy a holiday from a distance, as you cannot touch it, check the quality and see it with your own eyes. You have to choose from pictures and trust, with many budgets involved, and the whole family expects a lot from a holiday.
We feel it is important to help you choose the right villa, give you advice, and explain all the strengths and weaknesses of each house; we try to be your eyes at the holiday site.

TO SHOW BIARRITZ IN ALL ITS GLORY. We are experienced locals and have a long experience in Biarritz tourism, so we have learned how to help our guests discover all the unique features of Biarritz and its region. This is especially true for those who stay for the whole summer!
Again, our agency is the opposite of a network of remote agencies who only know the holiday destination from pictures and very briefly.
We live here and know everything inside out, so we can give you the best answers and let you live the place almost like a local.
We are delighted to share with you our love of the lifestyle of this aristocratic imperial coastal and very sporty town.

KEEP THE CHILDREN OCCUPIED ON HOLIDAY. Our expertise in working with families with children and our specially designed entertainment and leisure programmes help families who are settling in Biarritz for the whole summer or shorter periods and want to keep their children busy and happy with what they do in Biarritz.
We organise leisure activities for your children throughout your stay so that parents can have a real holiday too🙂 .
Children often discover new hobbies in Biarritz (which offers many exotic activities such as surfing or golf) and, even better, infect their parents with their hobbies!
The result – no gadgets in summer, just ocean air, sport and good mood.

TAKE CARE OF THE QUALITY OF YOUR HOLIDAY. Our collection of carefully selected and inspected homes (new and modern) are ideal for families looking for a property that suits their needs and want to be sure of their choice at the time of booking.
We always personally inspect all houses and select the best ones so that our guests have access to a collection of beautiful and “trouble-free” houses, with no surprises. We are the sole keyholders of most of the houses in our collection, as their owners trust us exclusively.
We can also find you a house with specific criteria for your special request.
Our team you will meet on your arrival (maids, chauffeurs, cooks, etc.) are locals, Frenchmen trained by us, experienced and proven in every respect. We assembled it very long and carefully! Human, friendly and considerate relations both within our team and with our guests are our recipe and inspiration.
We love creating a blend of the comforts and luxuries of a 5-star hotel in beautifully appointed oceanfront properties with just you and your family in mind.

RETAIN THE AUTHENTICITY OF BIARRITZ. We believe our region has retained that touching French authenticity and decency that is no longer so evident in France’s other tourist destinations. And as we ourselves live in Biarritz and raise our children here, we aim to develop our activities here so that Biarritz remains so special in the future.
We are big adepts of our lifestyle in Biarritz, on the Atlantic coast, and try to contribute actively to this city’s dynamism and development and region. We are against mass tourism.
We are also determined to pass on our affection and care for our region through trusting relationships with our guests and our local partners.