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About us...

About BiarritzInLove Family

We work as a family and started this activity naturally when we chose to move to Biarritz almost 10 years ago and when we started by inviting our friends from various countries where we worked to our home in Biarritz, word-of-mouth from these friends admiring their stay and our unique approach quickly overwhelmed us, to the point where we decided to do it professionally.

The perfect match between families
and homes

Thanks to many years of local experience and the collection of carefully selected homes, we have avoided bad choices of villas and dramas on arrival to the families for whom we organise every year all the components of a successful stay. We are the opposite of big internet platforms or agencies where you have no one to talk to when choosing a villa, helping you organise your stay, your children's activities and answering your questions.

Biarritz is an ideal place for
long holidays with children

Our experience in Biarritz as 100% local and a long-established player, helps long stay adepts looking for the perfect place for their family for summer, but not familiar with the place and willing to understand it in order to make a decision. Not like remote agencies who only know the destination on pictures and very briefly.
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Are you a homeowner?

Since 2012, we have been organising long and quality stays for guest families with children. We only work for the most demanding owners. We ensure 100% serious management of your property, at a cost that is much lower than that of local agencies or airbnb.