Beaches in Biarritz

Biarritz is a city where people enjoy the beaches and the ocean from April to November.

We will share with you some local secrets about where to find quiet beaches without tourists, beaches ideal for surfing or beaches without big waves, and how to get there.

Elegant city beaches

Biarritz is the beach of kings and the king of beaches! This has been said since the time of Napoleon III, who built his summer residence on the main beach of Biarritz. The beaches of Biarritz are a unique place where, while sunbathing on the warm sand, you can admire the chic urban architecture of the imperial period. And if you swim next to dolphins in an exotic seaside resort, in Biarritz you can swim next to palaces!
The walk along the Grande Plage still keeps the memory of Coco Chanel's light footsteps alive…
None of the beaches on the Basque coast is equipped with sun loungers, which adds to their charm and gives them a wild side. But on the Grande Plage, you can rent a pretty striped tent and hide in the shade during your beach sessions.

Surf beaches

The main surfing spots in Biarritz are the Grande Plage, Côte des Basques beach and Marbella beach. All these beaches are suitable for both experienced surfers and beginners. The main thing is to choose the right instructor and the right time to surf.
Apart from Biarritz itself, you obviously have many other beaches and good surfing spots all along the coast (Bidart, Guéthary, then the 4 km of Anglet beaches) within a radius of only 20 km.
In the summer, all beaches are lifeguarded.

Wave-free beaches

Biarritz is not only rich in surfing beaches with big waves. But there are also the small bays' beaches, where the ocean is calm and malleable, and where even children can swim. All the beaches of Biarritz are clean and well maintained. All these beaches are equipped with lifeguard towers in summer, and the young tanned lifeguards keep a close watch on the swimmers.

Wild beaches

For those who love isolation in nature, you will find beautiful stretches of wild beaches just a few minutes from Biarritz.
These are not secret beaches, but there are several different beaches, less accessible and less crowded than some.
Here are our tips on how to make any beach a wild beach :
to enjoy a quiet beach, go there in the morning. It's always beautiful in the morning! No one has yet walked in the sand or taken a swim. As a result, the ocean has a unique and transparent colour, it's a bit cooler, but it's really nice.
Suppose you can come outside August. In May, June, July and September, you will have the beach all to yourself, and often the weather will be better than in the middle of summer!

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