Biarritz for children

Biarritz is a city where it is pleasant to stay with children! Believe us, parents of two children growing up in Biarritz.

And to reassure you, we have selected the most reliable partners and the most unusual and interesting entertainment. Nobody will be bored in Biarritz!

Sports for children

In Biarritz, children are entitled to everything from the most exotic (surfing) to the noblest sport (golf), and the calm waters of the nearby bays of Hendaye and Saint-Jean-de-Luz offer the opportunity to learn sailing and windsurfing. From the very first minute, you will notice how sporty the people of Biarritz and their children are. How much time they really spend outdoors! And holidays are a good time to go out, to discover something new, to remember something forgotten and, above all, to have fun at the same time.

Which sport do you think your children will be interested in? Surfing, Windsurfing, Swimming (in the ocean), Rafting, Horse riding, Golf, Tennis, Skateboarding?

Children and the ocean

As a rule, children love the ocean. It's not the same story as the sea, of course, but the ocean has so much to offer that children love it! Understanding the tides, jumping in the waves, surfing or bodyboarding, looking for crabs at low tide…we know many children who find the sea quite boring after having experienced the Atlantic Ocean!

But of course, we must not forget the question of safety. The ocean is strong and, at times, can be dangerous. This is why all the beaches of Biarritz and the surrounding area are watched by lifeguards throughout the summer season from morning to evening. There are also simple rules for swimming. When we respect everything, the ocean gives our children nothing but pleasure!

Biarritz is rich in surf beaches with big waves and in small quiet creeks where even the smallest children can swim.

Children surf in Biarritz

Surfing - it's an activity your children must try in Biarritz! Rare are the kids who don't fall in love with this sport after trying it. The tablets are quickly forgotten in these cases.

Very often, families come back to Biarritz because their children want to surf again.

When you choose a surf instructor for your children, their professionalism is essential! And we are happy to have such professionals on hand! A good instructor will ensure safety during the sessions and make the training pleasant and easy. Children can study individually or in groups. They will do the lessons at low tide, as these are the ideal and safest conditions. A wetsuit and surfboard will be provided.

Safety in Biarritz

Perhaps the main quality of Biarritz as a children's resort is safety! This is Alice's Wonderland, where many interesting things can happen, but nothing can happen to you. A calm and cultured public, friendly locals, slow cars, indoor playgrounds with a soft surface… the list is endless. And to make you feel more comfortable and not worry about anything, we will be happy to provide you with the contacts of a nanny and our paediatrician.

Biarritz is a French seaside resort where most holidaymakers (almost 90% over the year) are French and love the Basque Country for its strong identity and simplicity. The resort is also frequented by Spaniards from the wealthy neighbouring region of northern Spain and by the British.

The relative remoteness of Biarritz (which is 800 km from Nice and 800 km from Paris) and the low number of direct flights from the various European capitals is a major advantage of our town. It is such a decent filter, which only benefits the resort. Only those who really want to come here and who have certain possibilities to do so arrive here. The public in Biarritz is always pleasant, well-mannered and elegant. Very far from the French Riviera's bling-bling spirit, the clientele of Biarritz is very discreet, although easy. This simplicity and discretion protect Biarritz from the attention of various crooks. Immigrants do not settle here en masse either. And statistically, in this region, there is much less crime, theft, burglary, etc., than on the Côte d'Azur.

Climate "just right" for children

We always repeat it - the climate in Biarritz is ideal for children. This is reflected in the absence of stifling heat even in the middle of summer. You won't need to put your offspring under air conditioning instead of enjoying the outdoors. Here there is always air to breathe, a light and pleasant breeze coming from the ocean.

What we also love are the clouds! The high humidity and the proximity of the mountains always create pretty figures in the sky. And not only that it's beautiful, but the most important thing is that the clouds filter out the direct UV rays in the middle of a summer day.

The air in Biarritz is pure and healthy. The concentration of iodine in the air is incredible thanks to the water's perpetual movement in the ocean and the ocean breeze that transmits it to every corner of the city. There is often a "mist" of saltwater over the beaches and the whole city. It is like a natural spray of seawater that we breathe, a kind of inhalation.

Walks with children

Biarritz and its surroundings are ideal place for outdoor walks with children. The pleasant and mild climate and the various playgrounds for the little ones (including those with a magnificent view of the ocean) contribute to this. Older children love the Promenoir de la Grande Plage in Biarritz, or the 4.5 km long Promenoir d'Anglet, where they can rollerblade, skateboard, jump in the sand or fly kites. Children and adults alike will enjoy boat trips or fishing in the ocean. A small white train that runs daily through the town and is a delight for the little ones will allow you to discover the surroundings of Biarritz through its window. Along the way, you will see the rock of La Vierge, the Fishermen's Port, the beach of the Old Port, the Hôtel du Palais and the Museum of the Sea.

Biarritz with babies

Why is it pleasant to stay in Biarritz with babies?

✔️The climate is ideal for babies - no stifling heat even in midsummer, a pleasant light breeze from the ocean.

✔️beaucoup clouds - and that's not only beautiful, it also helps to filter out direct UV rays

✔️L'clean and healthy air - a "mist" of iodised water over the beaches and the city's beaches is often the order of the day. A kind of inhalation that is good for you and your baby.

✔️Beaucoup beautiful places for walks and pram rides - beautiful coastline, cliffs, a lighthouse and long Californian beaches, golf courses. But also beautiful houses, historic buildings, pretty café terraces and shady parks or playgrounds.

✔️Un charming farmer's market where you will find the freshest fruits and vegetables, local wild fish, unusual sheep curd - everything you need for the health of your precious treasure.

✔️Des large retro tents for rent on the Grande Plage to spend more time on the sand but still protect the baby.

Theme parks

In and around Biarritz, you will find several amusement parks, zoos and aquariums where children can climb trees, go trampolining, see sharks, stroke sheep, feed piglets and enjoy water attractions. Children will not be disappointed!

Outdoor Concerts and Fireworks

In the summer, there are small and large open-air concerts all along the coast - to the delight of children and their parents. We will be happy to share their programme with you.

On July 14th and August 15th magnificent fireworks explode over your head and the ocean. Not to be missed!

Child-friendly restaurants

The most important thing on a family visit to the restaurant is not even the children's menu (although this is also very important), but the children's opportunity to safely romp around in the open air. At the same time, the parents finish their oysters and lobsters.

In Biarritz (as in the whole of France), there are very few restaurants with a play area, but there are many places where it is possible to let your child live his or her life if he or she doesn't feel like staying at the table. And we've compiled a whole list of places like these! Wouldn't it be great to have dinner on the terrace while your child explores the fishing boats in the harbour, hunts for seagulls or rides dе the scooter with an ocean view!

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