7 beautiful places to have breakfast in Biarritz

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It has always been like that; I absolutely LOVE breakfast. For me, it is the best time of the day, my favourite meal, and I carefully collect in my memory the places where breakfast was great! Breakfast is essential for me on holiday. It’s almost more important than anything else 🙂.

And it is with pleasure that I share “my” places with you to thank you for subscribing to our news! But you should promise me you’ll give me a little space there in the morning, ok?
Here is my top 7 of the beautiful, magical and simply perfect places to have breakfast in Biarritz:

7) In the seventh position: Breakfast at the Hotel Cosmopolitain rue Gambetta in the centre of Biarritz. I love their decoration which reminds me of Gatsby’s world, their pretty dishes with floral motifs, their all-you-can-eat buffet with home-made dishes and what’s important to me – good for your health! Another big plus for me and for all those who have children – they have a small children’s area that allows the little ones to have fun while their parents sip their 3rd coffee creamer in a row J

6) In the sixth place: The Bleu Café on the stairs of the Grande Plage. This is simply the perfect place to have an early morning coffee (when no one is around yet) and admire the waves and the surfers who are active from dawn. Their breakfast is classic (bread, butter, jam, pastries), BUT – they serve the best croissants in the world! I swear, I’ve never eaten better. It brings together all the pleasures of the world in a single moment. Another plus on the menu of this café – a delicious cappuccino and different fresh juices. Everything I love!

5️) In the fifth position: an open-air bar located at the top of the cliff next to the Biarritz lighthouse and overlooking the ocean – Kostaldea. Breakfast is quite basic here. Coffee, croissant, orange juice. But the view! And then there’s the sun here in the morning! It’s not easy to find a place in the town, facing the ocean, that doesn’t have the buildings’ shade in the morning when the sun rises behind the town. And here it is always sunny in the morning. And it’s quiet. And seagulls in the sky. And the ocean in panoramic view in front of you.

You have to sit at the railing above the cliff. That way, you will be face to face with the ocean.

4️) In the fourth position: Miremont – the oldest tea room in Biarritz, located in the town centre. It has a large terrace overlooking a pretty round pedestrian square, a beautiful building of the old casino and the ocean. I love this place for its rose tea, hazelnut biscuits and delicious hot chocolate. It’s also great to have breakfast here with the children because you can let them play or go for scooter and skateboarding in the pedestrian square. That way, the children, your coffee mug and the ocean will all be right in front of you!

3️) Thirdly: a royal breakfast at the Hôtel du Palais. The best and highest quality products of the region are offered at the buffet, a wide choice of everything, white tablecloths, a pleasant service. And all this in a historical place, the summer residence of Napoleon III overlooking the ocean. I advise you to dress elegantly, plan nothing for lunch at noon, and book in advance!

2️) In the second position: of course, I can’t miss my favourite farmer’s market – Les Halles de Biarritz. There you can find perfect café crème and tapas or pancakes. It’s also very nice to eat a truffle omelette at the truffle corner or 6 Ostra Regal oysters (we like those exactly, try them too, you won’t regret it) at the seafood bar.

1️) And here is my last and best advice for you: there is nothing more beautiful than an early morning breakfast on the soft sand by the water. Especially when there is nobody on the beach. Take a coffee and a small financial to go at Café Dodin on the Grande Plage, lay a fouta on the sand as close to the water as possible, sit down Turkish style… and there you have it.

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