Biarritz weather in March

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Spring in Biarritz can be a capricious time. Much more capricious than autumn. But no less beautiful.
So what is March like in Biarritz?

🌿 The average air temperature is +15+19. The ocean water temperature is around +12.
🌿 The days get noticeably longer and the sun gets brighter
🌿 The birds wake us up in the morning! They are singing so loud outside the window since 6 am that no alarm clock is needed
🌿 The hydrangeas are starting to cover themselves with fresh green leaves. Getting ready to drive everyone crazy in June!!!
🌿 We’re still wearing down jackets and coats, but increasingly undressing outside and carrying our outerwear in our hands when the sun hits
🌿 It’s official winter in France for most of March, which will last until March 20
🌿 But for us, spring has been here for a long time!
🌿 Usually, at the end of March, Biarritz hosts a ‘restaurant week’. An event that happens 2 times a year (spring and autumn) when all local restaurants present a special menu for the same low price: lunch 20€ and dinner 30€ (some Michelin starred restaurants also take part).

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