Surfing in Biarritz

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We are not pro surfers, I must say right away! So I’m not going to write here about the quality of the waves, the advantages of the different spots in Biarritz, and the boards’ length. Can I share with you my enthusiasm for this activity?

Surfing is an integral part of the charm of Biarritz and our entire coastline, so here are some facts about it and my personal advice :

🏄 Where else can you surf while admiring Napoleon era palaces and ancient cathedrals? Waiting for a wave and admiring the architecture that surrounds you is unforgettable!
🏄 And there are also beaches where you can see Spain while surfing. How cool is that? 😉
🏄 You can surf in Biarritz all year round. In winter, as in summer, we see “penguins” in the waves. The only thing that changes is the thickness of their wetsuits and the expressions on their faces when they come out of the water (in winter, the cold water literally freezes their faces in an expression of absolute ecstasy 🤣).
🏄 By the way, the happiness of surfers is even more complete in winter because there are no “traffic jams” on the waves. You surf by yourself and don’t risk getting someone else’s surfing in your head or your teeth.
🏄 Children surf in Biarritz with as much pleasure as adults. They can join a group at the surf school from 7 years old and take private lessons with an instructor from 6 years old. It’s good to know how to swim and not be afraid of the water until then!
🏄 Worried parents, don’t worry! Lessons always take place at low tide. And this is the most comfortable and safest time for beginner surfers. The waves are low and small at this time, and the children are always waving in the water up to their waist. And all instructors are licensed.
🏄 The same goes for adult beginners. Don’t be afraid to try surfing !!! The lesson will take place in comfortable conditions; the waves are tiny, the bottom is always under your feet. And you will be happy!
🏄 After an hour and a half, you will have a smile up to your ears, a nose (and a brain) well washed with seawater and an unusual experience! 🤗😁
🏄 And if your relatives are waiting for you on the sand, then you will also have some nice pictures:) With a good instructor, you will get on the board from your first lesson. And this feeling of winning the waves and “I can do anything”, it’s worth a lot ! ! Absolute happiness!
🏄 There are more than 25 surf schools on the coast. Enough for everyone! But of course, we have our secret mega-monitor, which we only share a contact with the “ours” 😁. With him, you’ll want to come back and surf, again and again, the lessons are easy and very fun.
🏄 A wetsuit will be provided for the course.
🏄 You will NOT be cold for hours in the water with a wetsuit! And even hot at times!

All in all, I think that your holiday in Biarritz will not be complete if you don’t try to surf.

Although… just sitting on the beach, sipping a cocktail and admiring these surfers from afar is also a nice thing to do 👌🏼🍸🏖

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